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Saved Singles Soaring

After being in a relationship for 18 years and married for 13 of those years, I have gained insight on what to do and what not to do in a relationship/marriage. This Singles Ministry was purposed in my heart the minute I walked out of my marriage. God told me specifically that He had commissioned me for a time such as this to build an empire that would save, deliver, set free, impact, motivate, drive, encourage, uplift, and inspire singles all over the world. This Global ministry has been ordained before the foundations of the world for struggling singles, widows, divorced individuals, and individuals that are married yet feel single. This ministry is open to male and female. I honestly believe that both male and female are struggling to stay single. The enemy is roaming the earth to and fro seeking whomever he can devour. I decree the singles will rise up and soar. I decree the singles will occupy until HE comes. I decree that Greater is He that is on the inside of you than he that is out in this world. I decree that this ministry will help you die to your flesh and resurrect in the realm of the spirit. I decree that this ministry will give you the strength, courage, drive, determination, and tenacity to EMBRACE YOUR SINGLENESS until God sends you your spouse. I decree this ministry will help you and teach you how to be a "lady in waiting" or a "Man Seeking" I decree the favor of God over this ministry and everyone connected to it in Jesus name. We welcome the advice and input of married couples. Why? Because they were once single. Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a strong village to help you stay single and not make bad choices and the wrong decisions. This is not a dating site. I repeat, THIS IS NOT A DATING SITE. However, if you find your spouse on here, then we can give God the Glory for that. Just know that wolves in sheep clothing will join this page too so be AWARE!!!! LET'S SOAR SINGLES!!!!!!!!

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Saved Singles Soaring

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Write the Vision!

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