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Embark upon a spiritual journey with Tasha Renae! 

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A Painful/Purposed Journey

A Painful/Purposed Journey

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How was your upbringing? Were you poor, or were you comfortable? Have you ever struggled with the spirits of fear, low self-esteem, bitterness, anger, depression, oppression, rejection, hatred, or unforgiveness? Has anyone ever told you that you would never be anything or amount to anything? Have you ever just looked up towards the heaven and cursed God flat foot out because of what you were going through? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have picked up or ordered the right book. This book takes you on a journey from childhood to adulthood. A number of individuals were able to escape the demons of their past, while many are still battling those demons. After reading A Painful Purposed Journey, I decree and declare you will be healed, delivered, and set free. I decree the enemy will no longer be able to hold you captive. Get ready to Embrace the Shift, and Embrace your Freedom.

Are you in a place where you don't know what to pray or how to pray? BreakThrough Prayers is the book for you. This book takes you on a spiritual journey and equips you with the tools and instruments needed to wage war with the enemy.  Praying the Word of God, is praying the Will of God. Order your copy today.

Have you ever felt like you were a prisoner  trapped within yourself? Well this is what Unique felt in the novel A Hostage Situation. In most cases, it's not the enemy who is holding you hostage, it's YOU! Be free this day as you read about Unique and how she had to be set free and delivered.

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