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Was birthed to lead God's people to His Son Jesus Christ. This ministry has been anointed by God to "SOUND THE ALARM" and draw all men, women, boys, and girls to Him. TGIA will train, equip, develop, and prepare God's people to become disciples of Christ. TGIA will raise awareness about spiritual beings that we cannot see with the natural eye. How can we wrestle with principalities, rulers or darkness, and spiritual wickedness in high places if do not know our opponent? This ministry is designed to be a training camp for many. Many will come and go, but TGIA will be a fueling station for those who need to be re-charged, energized, strengthened, refreshed, revived, renewed, reconstructed, and rejuvenated. This ministry has been established to raise up leaders, disciples, generals, and admirals for these end times. The world will come to an end. Will you be prepared? 

This ministry has been designed to equip individuals to break generational, bloodline, and ancestral curses to ensure all are free and no longer bound in captivity. 



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