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Wayke Up & kNOw!

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Our Vision 


Wayke Up & kNOw will consist of books, plays, devotionals, and a radio talk-show that has been designed by God to reach the masses all over the world. The purpose of Wayke Up & kNOw is to get individuals all over the world to WAKE UP! So many individuals are sleeping and slumbering and not realizing the world is passing them by. Now is the time to WAKE UP and know that you can say NO to the enemy and SELL OUT for Christ or you can KNOW and realize who you are and take your rightful place in this world and in the Kingdom of God. Wayke Up & kNOw is designed to preach the gospel of Christ, win souls for the Kingdom of God, build the kingdom, encourage, inspire, motivate, drive, deliver, decree, and help individuals of all nationalities, ethnicities, and backgrounds. I dare you to Wayke Up & kNOw.

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